Side Table

Furniture made of solid wood certified by IBAMA

Custom made side tables, based on the models below.

At ArboREAL, in addition to being able to buy furniture at the prompt delivery in our store in Vila Leopoldina, you can also order the perfect rustic side table for your house according to the models below.

You can choose whether your piece will have smooth top, cracks, organic details, choose from brancal up or down, or even straight edges. Choose also the model of feet that you like, wood, carbon steel with matte black paint, stainless steel, steel or acrylic.

Made with organic logs, blocks, trunks and planks of certified solid wood, an ArboREAL side table fits every kind of environment, be it classic, rustic, modern or contemporary.





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Av. Imperatriz Leopoldina, 1042,

Vila Leopoldina, São Paulo/SP

CNPJ: 23.205.777/0001-98


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