Exchange Policy and Returns


ArboREAL stuck for the quality and satisfaction of our customers. By respecting and maintaining the credibility of its consumers, the company has created a policy of exchange and return in accordance with the Consumer Protection Code, and thinking of the facility for you (client) to obtain an efficient, agile negotiation and above all satisfactory we develop the exchange and return.

The process is simple, just contact our team by email, informing the reason for the return / exchange with buyer data.


Within 2 business days, we will return the customer with feedback on what will be done.

IMPORTANT! Take care of the product warranty and send photos of the same if necessary.


Repayment due to repentance / withdrawal

If upon receiving the product, you resolve to return it for repentance, you must do so within seven calendar days from the date of receipt. The product can not be used.


Product defective / faulty

If upon receiving the product, you identify any defect immediately notify our Customer Service Department (SAC) by email or if you prefer, by the number 19. 3935-8606 from Monday to Friday from 08h00 at 5:00 p.m. In order to exchange or return the defective product, the following conditions must be observed:

The product can not be used.
Photos of the defect / defect of the product should be sent to the email


Reimbursement of values ​​for product return

If you choose to reimburse the amount, check below the conditions for the reimbursement process.

The refund / repayment of the order value, in the case of purchases made through bank slip, will be given through bank deposit.

The deposit will be made in the owner's account and responsible for sending the request, within a period of up to 15 business days after receipt of the goods in ArboREAL.